©2019 by Annalise Neil. All images copyright Dorka Hegedus,


My paintings depict ideas that consistently hold my attention: like empathy, time, transmutation, and perception. I study the physical sciences, as well as philosophy and other metaphysical histories, in search of connections across these ways of thinking. I do this in an effort to find greater clarity and sensitivity to all that surrounds me. My palette is often warm—rich with bright reds, dusky peaches, soft browns, somber yellows. This is an homage to blood, skin, bone, bile, muscle and all fleshy fluids and scaffolds. And this is for two reasons: first as an expression of what I am, and second as a contrast to the non-palpable intellectual theories with which I wrestle. In a way, I am making a catalogue of new ways of thinking, that taken together may allow for a resonant levity or evolution of our animating spirit. Even if this only occurs for a moment, it can still leave a permanent mark.